Dear Vendor,

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (“A Phi A” or “Fraternity”) has made numerous changes made to its 2018 vendor application process. Please review carefully. Securing a vendor license will require the applicant to submit the following:

1) Vendor Application;

2) payment by cashier’s check/money order or by using the enclosed Credit Card Authorization Form;

3) a current state business license or certificate and a current Certificate of Good Standing from the incorporating state;

4) signed Vendor Agreement;

5) Proof of Insurance (Certificate of Insurance);

6) verification of each good you intend to sell; and

7) current proof of majority ownership of business if seeking membership discount. After these items have been received, thoroughly reviewed and approved by the A PHI A Corporate Office, you will be sent a Certificate of License if Alpha deems it appropriate.

Only after receiving your Certificate will you be considered a licensed vendor. Consequently, until you receive a current Certificate of License for 2018 you are NOT AUTHORIZED to sell Fraternity goods after December 31, 2017.

Vendor Application and Payment 

Vendor Application should be submitted with any changes/updates to company name or contact information. Previously, if you have been using a post office box for your address, you must also include a physical address. It is also required that a current state business license and Certificate of Good Standing from the incorporating state be submitted with the application. Other acceptable forms of payment are cashier’s checks or money orders, made payable to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The deadline for submission of the vendor application with required documentation to avoid paying a late fee is December 1, 2017. Please be advised that all vendor fees are non-refundable after approval. 

Proof of Insurance After applicant has satisfactorily passed the initial review by the Fraternity, meaning the Fraternity has received from applicant all of the required documentation, a jpeg photo of each item it intends to sell bearing the Fraternity trademarks and the Fraternity is inclined to issue a vendor’s license, all applicants must submit Proof of Insurance regardless to whether you attend Fraternity events or not. The Proof of Insurance must have a minimal limit of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for each occurrence and product and that also names the Fraternity as an additional insured. It must be submitted with the signed Agreement to finalize the licensing process, after which you may receive a Certificate of License if deemed a licensee by Fraternity. Current proof of insurance is due when the application is submitted. ALL vendors must submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Failure to provide the Corporate Office with a current COI will result in the rejection of your application and your application fee being returned less a $100.00 administration fee for processing and handling. 


Verification of Goods

Occasionally, there may be a misunderstanding regarding the correct use of Fraternity intellectual properties. To ensure that the goods you desire to make and sell are not prohibited and meet the Fraternity standards, we will need jpeg submissions of each good that bears the Fraternity marks. After making the selection of goods on your application, the applicant is required to verify the goods he/she intends to sell by providing representation of each item per category as a jpeg file. Applicant must also verify that the items it intends to sell are those of its own design and/or that they have permission to sell the items whose unique design belongs to another vendor. Using or misusing the designs and/or goods belonging to another may result in a fine, suspension and/or termination of your license, as well as potential litigation with the other vendor.

All goods displaying Fraternity marks must contain the actual registered and other trademark symbols of the Fraternity. Please see Attachment A – Authorized Trademarks. Failure to properly mark your goods will result in their immediate removal and/or destruction, a fine and possibly termination of your license in the Fraternity sole discretion.

Proof of Ownership of Company/Business

Applicants who are seeking the membership discount of $850.00 must be an active member of the Fraternity and must clearly establish that they are the owner/principal of the business applying for the vendor license by including the following current information:

1) proof that you are the majority owner;

2) your percentage of business ownership; and

3) your position in the business.

Also, it is now required that ALL vendors submit a current certificate of license or business license and Certificate of Good Standing that has been issued by the state in which you do business.

If applicable, the applicant is also required to submit a list of all company subsidiaries that will also sell A PHI A items and Fraternity goods associated that it intends to sell by each subsidiary. You are also to include jpeg photos of each item per category of goods selected on your application. The applicant may be required to pay an additional fee depending on the items sold by the subsidiaries, and the subsidiary principal line of business, at the discretion of the Fraternity.

Vendor Agreement

To expedite the vending process and to have all vendors authorized before participation in Fraternity events, the Vendor Agreement is now included in the vendor application packet for execution and submission with your vendor application. Deadline date for submission of Vendor Agreement is December 1, 2017. After applicant has submitted a signed Vendor Agreement, along with the Proof of Insurance, the Fraternity will finalize the vendor application process and issue a Certificate of License to those it deems appropriate. Failure to provide the Corporate Office with a signed Vendor Agreement and all other requested documents will result in either a fine or the rejection of your application and your application fee being returned less a $100.00 administration fee for processing and handling.

Manufacturer Requirements

The definition of a manufacturer includes at least one of the following, and may not be limited to, “anyone or entity that makes, manufactures, or causes another to make or manufacture items bearing Fraternity Marks. A manufacturer for A PHI A licensing purposes is also one who sells more than $250,000.00 in Black Greek Lettered Organization goods.

Restrictions imposed upon an applicant to obtain or renew vendor’s or manufacturer’s license include, but are not limited to:

a) must sell only to the Fraternity Corporate Headquarters and its staff, currently licensed manufacturers, currently licensed vendors, or currently financial Fraternity members (must independently verify current license status of vendors and manufacturers by requesting a copy of its COI before making or selling A PHI A related items for or to them; respectively);

b) are prohibited from directly contacting officers, staff, chapters or members outside of the vending area unless approved by the Executive Director in writing;

c) must abide by the Manufacturer Code of Conduct;

d) will not sell Fraternity goods to wholesalers, distributors, thrift shops, second-hand shops, on third party internet companies such as eBay,, etsy, pinterest or similarly situated individuals, companies or businesses;

e) will not make or sell any item prohibited by the Fraternity that bears its mark;

f) will not make or sell any item bearing the Fraternity mark in conjunction or co-branded with the trademark of another; and

g) will not bypass established Fraternity RFP and other processes and protocols related to making, supplying and selling items to the Fraternity, its chapters and regions.

Failure to abide by these restrictions may result, in the Fraternity’s sole discretion, a fine, suspension or combination of the two; termination of your license, and all resulting damages including consequential and incidental to the Fraternity and its affected chapters and members.


Adjustments have been made to all fees and to be a manufacturer and/or vendor of Fraternity products is $7,000.00. Please note the restriction to sell to other licensed vendors, members of A PHI A and those buying on their behalf.

Applicant must submit the applicable license fee(s) from the following fee schedule. These fees do not include, or guarantee, Regional Conference or National Convention booths or exhibit space, which may be available at an additional cost.

Verified Financial Members of A PHI A $ 1,000.00

Existing Vendors $ 1,500.00

New Vendors $ 2,500.00

Manufacturer and Vendor (Retailer) $ 7,500.00

Jewel Mark License $ 3,000.00

Jewel Mark – includes the limited and restricted right to use the collective names of the Fraternity Founders, their likeness or image when referencing their association with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Prohibited Items

The items include, but are not limited to: alcohol; tobacco; hazing; paddles and items tied to a culture of, and associated with, hazing; using the Crest or Shield on items that are walked on such as shoes, sandals, slippers or sat on including but not limited to placing them across the butt of any pant, shorts and the like or on car mats, floor mats, home welcome mats, on seat cushions etc.; on caskets or head/grave stones; related to children 18 years of age or younger; items that are sexist; sexually suggestive or explicit remarks; profanity; firearms or other weapons; or drug-related paraphernalia; controlled or illegal substance; that cast the Fraternity in a negative light; that endorses or associates the Fraternity with any other organization 2018 Vendor Application Page 4 or entity without prior written expressed permission; anything that conflicts with the ideals and principles of the Fraternity; political campaigns or promotion of political causes; and those that are in bad taste, racist or demean another’s heritage, sexual orientation, race, color or creed. All forms of subscriptions are prohibited unless by a separate written agreement with the Fraternity. In addition, A PHI A Marks may not be used on clothing for non-members, women, infants, toddlers or pets. Furthermore, Greek Letters such as “A” and “F”, or the animals “dog”, “ape” or “monkey” shall not be used singularly or collectively to represent or refer to the Fraternity or any of its members.

Following is a checklist of the documents needed by the Fraternity to begin the 2018 Vendor Renewal Application process:

Vendor Application and Payment (fees are non-refundable after approval)

Verification of Goods (representation of each item per category as a jpeg file)

Current State Business License or Certificate

Current Certificate of Good Standing from your incorporating state

Proof of Ownership of Company/Business (if seeking membership discount); indicate if you are majority owner; provide your percentage of business ownership; and your position in the business.

If applicable, submit a list of all company subsidiaries and Fraternity goods associated with each subsidiary, including jpeg photos of each item per category of goods selected on your application.

Proof of Insurance

Vendor Agreement

Please be reminded that to be an A PHI A authorized vendor and to participate in Fraternity events, it is imperative that the Corporate Office has an executed Vendor Agreement and COI on file for your company. Unless we have these documents on file, your application will be rejected and your application fee will be returned less a $100.00 administration fee for processing and handling.

Again, until you receive a fully executed Vendor Agreement and current Certificate of License you are NOT AUTHORIZED to sell Fraternity goods in 2018.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Corporate Office, Vendor Relations,


Jamie R. Riley, Ph. D

Executive Director